What to Expect When Selling Your Home

Four factors determine how fast a home sells and its ability to attract top-dollar buyers:

  • Pricing
  • Condition of Property
  • Exposure to Buyers
  • Smooth Transaction

"Sellers and agents don't determine the market value of a home, market dynamics - supply and demand - DO!"

Factors a seller, with the assistance of a professional realtor, can control to attract top dollar buyers and close fast include:

  • The condition of a property, both inside and outside,
  • Availability of property for showings,
  • Effective marketing strategies, and
  • A smooth transaction.

Pre-Listing-to-Close Outline


Pre-Listing Activities

Assess the interior and exterior condition of the house prior to putting home in the market.

Ensure all maintenance and repairs to AC units, roofing and household appliances are done prior to advertising.  

Seller and agent implement the following:

  • Go through a 31-point checklist to identify the specifications and condition of the home. 
  • Spotlight special features, staging, and ensuring all maintenance required have been addressed prior to listing and marketing.
  • Develop a custom plan to maximize availability and marketabilty of the home.
  • Agent make a listing presentation appointment with Seller
  • Agent perform research and collect information on property - tax, school, amenities, utilities, HOA, etc.

Price Right for a Quick Close

Discussed pricing, marketing on the Arizona Multiple Listing Service (MLS), agent's role and overview of the selling process.  Issues presented and discussed at this stage include: 

  1. Professional judgement on asking price based on market analysis, local market knowledge and Comparative Market Analysis of similar listings, sold and pending properties.
  2. A pricing strategy to guide price adjustments, if necessary, through-out the time the property is listed.
  3. Goals and expectations.
  4. An overview of the escrow and loan process.
  5. Acceptable financing options and terms, considerations for home warranties, components of net seller proceeds computations and  discuss general costs associated with seller under various financing option.
  6. Best ways and times to communication updates and progress.

OVERALL, A home that is "PRICED TO THE CURRENT MARKET" and in advance of market trends increases the number of showings, attracts ready buyers and stays a shorter time in the market.  I work with the Seller to determine a list price that reflects fair market value. 

My pricing strategy combines local neighborhood and community knowledge with data analyses that include but are not limited to assessing market dynamics (demand and supply), market conditions (economic landscape), trends (historical price movements), market drivers and comparable market analysis of similar properties.


Execute Custom Marketing Plan

My job is to market your property to get the highest amount of exposure that generates the highest value for a fast sale.

I market for sellers as effectively and efficiently as possible to increase traffic through the door. My custom 12-point marketing plan includes MLS listing, featured properties on agent websites, open house, tours, fliers, socio-media, APS, network of top producing agents, and traditional marketing strategies among others.




Time is of the Essence!!

I ensure the seller gets all offers made as they are recieved and advice on negotiation strategies for counter-offers. Activities include:

  • Recieve, review and forward all offers.
  • Compare offers on net seller proceeds sheet.
  • Explain offers, including merits and weaknesses, to seller.
  • Verify pre-qualification or pre-approval with lender.
  • Negotiate offers on Seller's behalf , facilitate counter-offer and deliver to buyer's agent accepted offer to Purchase Contract.
  • Record and promptly deposit buyer's earnest money.
  • Adjust information on MLS and on all marketing material.
  • Send Seller's disclosure to buyer.
  • Manage timeline and facilitate the inspection, BNSR and appraisal process. Advise and help seller navigate lender inspection requestments.
  • Be a "Source of the Source" on referrals and resouces.
  • Communicate frequently with buyer's agent to obtain updates. 
  • Request and forward to seller loan status updates, including progress on underwriting and lender approval of buyer's financing. 

My negotiation skills ensure my clients' interests are promoted and protected throughout the whole process.

 It is important that the timeline is maintained and contigencies addressed accordingly.




Smooth Transaction & Quick Close

  • Ensure all contingencies are met.
  • Communicate with Title, client and lender often to keep the timeline.
  • Track final loan appoval process.
  • Cordinate buyer's final walk-through, signing with title and handing over keys and important information related to property to buyer.

I Ensure that my clients are:

  1. Informed often,
  2. Educated about the process, AND
  3. Always ahead of the curve..

....throughout the selling process.



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