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In the State of Arizona, a buyer has the right to hire a real estate agent of their choice, or choose to be unrepresented.


It is not uncommon for potential buyers to interact with more than one agent prior to purchasing a home. However, most people do not know that anything you say or do prior to hiring that agent, or any other agent out of the many you have been interacting with, can be used against you in a transaction. It is somewhat similar to talking to a lawyer before signing an agreement that they will be representing you and then finding out later that they ended up representing your opponent.


That is why it is important to sign a Real Estate Agency Disclosure and Election Form (READE) with any agent you are in discussion with about your real estate needs. This form outlines an agents duties and responsibilities towards you and legally binds them to be obedient, loyal, to disclose all things material to a transaction, maintain confidentiality, be accountable of your time and money, be honest, and treat you with reasonable care and diligence.


When working with professional real estate agents who understand the value of your time and investment of your time, it is also important that you as a buyer understand the importance of their time and disclose upfront your commitment to working with them.


The best way of ensuring you remain top-of-mind, a priority to them, and legally safe is to interview and hire an agent by signing the Buyer-Broker Agreement at the onset of your relationship.


Professional agents who understand the legal implications of an "implied agent" may choose not to work with you as a buyer who is unwilling to formalize your working relationship.

Additionally, make sure you discuss with your agent where you are in your level of motivation so they can match their pace and motivation to yours.  After all, you don't want to be getting calls when new properties show up in the market if you still have a month out before you are ready to start looking. A professional agent will request you to fill the A, B, or C Buyer Form.

A = Highest priority buyer. These are people who have to buy a home now. They are probably homeless, just moved to town or have an expiring lease agreement.


B = Second-highest priority buyer. Are ready to buy but have a home to sell first, are waiting for pre-qualification or have a lease to complete.


C = Third-highest priority buyer. May buy a home when the right ones comes to market.

As always, feel free to call if you have any real estate-related question/s.

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Selling your property can be an emotional roller coaster if you chose to do it by yourself or hire an inexperienced real estate agent. There are at least 184 things a real estate agent does for you as a listing agent. You can read about this on my blog on "Why you need a real estate agent - 184 reasons"


What you do prior to listing your home in the market makes a big difference. As an agent who consistently sells fast and at top dollar, it is important to know the market, prepare a client mentally on the game plan - which should include both marketing and pricing strategies - as well as discuss their motivation and deal breaker(s).


There is a marked difference when selling your home at a yard or garage sale (FSBO) than at a high-end sales store (brokerage).  Try selling a Gucci watch at a yard sale for the same price as at the Fashion Mall Jewelry store. What's the difference you ask? Marketing expertise, accurate valuation and exposure to qualified buyers is the defining difference!


That, coupled with market dynamics and condition of the home, determine what you net from the sale of your home and how fast you sell. In summary, the four factors that determine how fast a home sells and its ability to attract top-dollar buyers are:

  • Pricing
  • Condition of Property
  • Exposure to Buyers
  • Smooth Transaction

"It is important to note that Sellers and agents don't determine the market value of a home, market dynamics - supply and demand - do. Whether it is in a seller's or buyer's market!

If you don't believe me, then ask an economist" 🙂


However, exposure to the right buyers and pricing it in or ahead of the market will affect how fast it sells.

The factors a seller, with the assistance of a professional realtor, can control to attract top dollar buyers and close fast are:

  • Condition of a property, both inside and outside,
  • Availability of property for showings,
  • Effective marketing strategies, and
  • A smooth transaction.

Would you like to know the current market conditions in your neighborhood or get a valuation of your home?

Call or text your your property address to (602) 739-3489 to request a free, no obligation professional market valuation.


There are two types of investors - career investors who spend most of their time doing just that - seeking and placing bets on investment opportunities, and individuals who do not want to, or do not have the time to look for and negotiate on real estate deals and would rather hire an expert.


Either way, it helps to work with a real estate agent knowledgeable in the region, city, area or neighborhood of interest. Benefits of hiring a real estate agent include accelerating your knowledge on trends and market dynamics affecting the local area.

Additionally, working with an agent who is a member of the local multiple listing service gains you real-time access to listings which is especially critical in a seller's market. It is best to determine your real estate needs in advance prior to contract with an expert.  An alternative to working with a real estate agent in Arizona is hiring an attorney.

New Construction

The Greater Phoenix Valley continues to attract new residents each year, making the City of Phoenix the fifth largest city in the United States.  New construction homes continue to provide alternatives to home-buyers, with master-planned communities such as the Eastmark in the East Valley providing a wide range of home prices, styles and amenities.  Other new construction sites include in-fills in the City areas that include condos, townhomes and small impact residences.

It is important to know that most new construction sites require a Realtor accompany a homebuyer for the first visit in order for them to honor the co-broker agreement.  Buyers already working with a real estate agent should ensure their agent calls in advance to register their client(s), set up an appointment, and determine inventory and incentives prior to visiting the model homes.


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