Lora helped sell my house in record time…

Lora did a great job in helping me sell my house in record time. She has a unique set of qualities that distinguish her as a real estate agent: attention to detail, great communication skills, planning ahead, and reliability. I was impressed by Lora’s availability and willingness to help- she was just a phone call away, ready to respond to all my questions. Even if she did not have an answer right away, she would consult with her colleagues and supervisor and get back to me.

Lora set up an open house at the beginning of the sale process, which was well attended and yielded useful inputs on how to stage the property and what to expect in terms of buyers’ preferences.

Lora was extremely helpful in many areas, including advice (and even help!) with cleaning the house, recommending contractors to fix things, and working with the contractors to get things done. She went above and beyond her responsibilities by being available on several Sundays, and going to the house numerous times to check on it while it was vacant or to allow contractors to access it.

She did a thorough and impressive work regarding the appraisal process, finding comparable properties in the area and preparing a detailed and well-documented report.

I would recommend Lora as a knowledgeable, helpful and reliable realtor!


Eva, Client